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Office packages

It is not for nothing that Microsoft has around 85% office software in Germany alone. This is not only due to the fact that a whole bundle of office software products is sold cheaply via Office packages, but above all because of the many functions that the MS Office programs now offer. Another advantage is the interlocking of the individual Office products in an Office package: For example, you can easily integrate an Excel table into a Word document or send a Word document with the Outlook email program.

Office packages from MS Office almost unrivaled

There are always open source programs on the market in the office area, but they usually only have a fraction of the functionality of Microsoft products. Cloud software providers in general and Google Docs were still able to really establish themselves on the market. The utility of the programs in Microsoft's Office packages is too great. Often copied but never matched. This is why offers such as Apple's iWork or the open source software Libre Office always end up at the bottom of the list among users.

Different office packages depending on the user

Office 2019 packages are currently the most popular in terms of benefits. The Office 2019 Standard Package contains, for example:

  • Word 2019
  • Excel 2019
  • Outlook 2019
  • Power Point 2019
  • Publisher 2019

This not only provides professional word processing and spreadsheets, but also the world's most widely used email program, which can also be used to manage contacts and appointments, as well as a presentation program and a program for creating publications and marketing materials.

Office package advantage over subscription model

Anyone who purchases an office package from pays a one-time price for the product and can then use the product for a lifetime. As long as Microsoft offers updates for the product, these are usually also made available by Microsoft free of charge. Those who opt for a subscription model (Office 365 or Microsoft 365), on the other hand, pay a fixed fee every year for the use of the Office programs. Therefore, many users decide to buy an Office package once and continue to work with it for years – without having to pay for it again.

The following office packages, for example, are popular:

  • Office 2019 Professional Plus
  • Office 2019 Standard
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus
  • Office 2016 Standard
  • Office 2013 Professional Plus
  • Office 2013 Standard
  • Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Office 2010 Standard

Some owners of an older computer can – due to the system – only install older Office packages. Most modern, more recent computers are well equipped to use the powerful Office 2019 package.

Office package standard or professional?

For private users, the Office Standard package will usually be the right one, e.g. Office 2019 Standard. Business users might want to use the programs that are also included in Office 2019 Professional Plus, such as Access 2019 or Skype for Business, then this even more extensive version of an Office package is recommended. only sells official products

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