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Office single applications

If you want to buy Microsoft Office programs individually, this is the right place for you. In addition to purchasing Microsoft Office applications in the Office package, it is also possible to purchase Office applications individually. For those who only rely on one or two programs, e.g. Word or Excel, purchasing individual applications can make sense as well as purchasing specific individual applications if you otherwise have an Office package available that does not contain exactly one specific individual application. This single application can then be bought cheaply here.

Worldwide known office applications

The best-known single Office applications are:

  • Word as a word processor
  • Excel as a spreadsheet
  • PowerPoint as a presentation program
  • Access as a database program
  • Outlook as an email program and for keeping an appointment calendar and contacts
  • Publisher for the creation of publications and print templates

While Word and Excel are the most popular individual Office applications alongside Outlook, there are a number of other individual applications from Microsoft that can also be of interest to certain users, e.g.

  • Microsoft Visio – simplify project implementations with diagrams, a planning tool for professional users
  • Microsoft Project: a comprehensive project management solution

Professional: Individual applications for the demanding user

Anyone looking for individual applications for the demanding professional as a user is best served with the professional editions for each application. Additional product functionalities are often offered here that go beyond the pure standard range.

Office stand-alone applications 2019 require Windows 10

If you want to download the latest individual applications in the 2019 edition, you should know that they are based on Windows 10 and will not work without Windows 10. If you are still using an older Windows version (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 8), you should download an older individual application (not 2019).

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for Windows

One of the most popular single applications in the Office area is PowerPoint from Microsoft. Above all, the PowerPoint 2019 version is used again and again by students and schoolchildren as well as in companies when it comes to presentations. What used to be the overhead projector with its numerous slides is now PowerPoint. Whether homework at school, a lecture at the university or the presentation of a new marketing campaign in the company: With PowerPoint you can present everything quickly and clearly and you can switch back and forth between the individual pages of the presentation at any time. Graphics and texts can be easily integrated. The advantage of the PowerPoint 2019 version for Windows is that this program also works offline and you don't need an internet connection to work with it. At most for one-time activation of the program.

Buy Office single applications cheaply

These applications can be purchased individually for little money, although older versions are usually cheaper than new ones. For example, some PC users had previously been annoyed with a no-name word processor because no Office package was installed on their PC. If you want, you can install an absolutely professional word processor on your computer quickly and for only a double-digit amount by purchasing a single Word application, which will then accompany you for years. Without follow-up costs.

At you will find a large selection of Microsoft individual applications from the office area: All absolutely professional software at small and manageable prices.

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